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Marketing and Business Management, ad hoc or retainer based.


Let’s create the presence your business or brand deserves.

From strategy to implementation, measuring and adjusting. With more than 10 years marketing and business experience across multiple disciplines I can assist you with all your marketing needs.

I can make your budget work for you.


Business Development

If it’s new clients, brands, products or markets you require, I can help.

Let’s pinpoint what you need to take your business to the next level. I have a wide variety of experience and relationships that I want to leverage for the benefit of your business.

Open to performance-based compensation.



If you need to inform, persuade, and motivate let me assist.

Together we can identify the relevant stakeholders and tools to drive engagement that delivers results. I have the skillset and qualifications to not only manage but create what is required.

Creativity linked to business objectives.

SOME OF WHAT I CAN do for you


Marketing Management

I can develop a strategy and manage the whole or part of your marketing plan. Not everyone needs a full-time senior marketing manager.


Market Access and Management

Develop, enhance and manage partnerships within markets, either physically or remotely. With experience in developing new markets, I can assist you to open new markets.


Agency Management

With a wide range of experience I can be the link between your business and your creative agency. Making sure the agency is briefed correctly and delivers exactly what you expected.


Market Research

I can do physical or desktop market research if you are considering expanding your markets. Make sure you’re on trend with the latest insights.



Digital and Social

I can develop and manage your website, social media, and e-commerce platforms. Then implement the latest techniques and content to drive traffic and conversions.


Third-party Manufacturing

I can assist in sourcing, procuring and exporting products from South Africa (and other countries). With a well developed network we can set up a mutually beneficial partnership.

About ME

I’m a Marketing and Business Manager, with international experience, originally from South Africa but currently based in the United Kingdom.

I have a proven track record of conceptualising, implementing, and managing strategies aligned with the overall organisational objectives.

I’m a marketing specialist in the food, manufacturing and investment industries, with extensive B2B and B2C experience in retail, wholesale, foodservice and primary ingredients.

However, being a quick learner with the ability to understand and convey simple concepts and technical information, I’m open to any new industry or challenge. I am able to offer a business-centric approach to marketing, sales and communication.

I will have an impact on your business, no matter the size!

JC Smit

The Origin

Mapcom was conceptualised after the 2008 financial crisis from a simple idea and an acronym (original logo above):

Marketing Advertising Public Relations Communications

I just finished studying for the first time and work was scarce. As the saying goes “Hard times, create strong men”, so I continued studying part-time and did freelance work in my field.

Over the next five years, I upskilled myself not only with tertiary qualifications but through the internet, determination, and hard work. Amongst these skills was I could build WordPress websites, understood most digital platforms with their advertising potential, use Adobe Suite products, had a qualification as a Copywriter and in Public Relations Management.

This was before the internet of things, broadband or freelance and remote working was a “real thing”.

The Rebirth

In 2013 I found myself transporting my desktop computer from my “home office” to a client on a three-month contract to revamp a corporate website and assist with building a consumer brand.

After the initial contract, I was offered a permanent opportunity to stay. I grabbed it with both hands, I enjoyed the experience and it was a business with a clear strategy that I believed would lead to immense personal and career growth. I wasn’t wrong…

Almost 10 years later, a crisis has struck again, having emigrated in the middle of a pandemic it’s time for Mapcom to be reborn.

This time with more experience, more knowledge, more qualifications, and more hard work. As they say hard times, create strong men… So how can I help you as a Business Catalyst in

Marketing Products and Commodities!



Private and Public Investments

I’ve worked in the Corporate Communications Department of a JSE listed business and in a Private Equity Investment Group. I understand that when it comes to legislation, shareholders’ requirements, and other stakeholders, one size does not fit all. Let me assist with your return on investment.

Consumer Products

I’ve worked on market leaders and challenger brands, building them from scratch or taking them to the next level. I’m confident in my abilities to assist your business as I’ve worked in a variety of international market types, all requiring different approaches; retail, wholesale, foodservice, and HORECA.

Aquaculture and Seafood

I’ve worked in a variety of roles within the Aquaculture and Seafood industries; Marketing and Sales Manager, General Manager, CEO and Commercial Director. This has given me great exposure and experience across the industry and general business functions.

Commodities and Manufacturing

I’ve been involved with manufacturing, as well as supplying and procuring primary ingredients. I understand that Marketing needs to deliver on overall business objectives. The impact of production yields, factory throughput, or the latest food-safety standards are not lost on this Marketing professional.

“Enough reading, let’s talk and increase your rate of return!”

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